Best OSRS Items For Staking

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Best OSRS Items For Staking

Situated in the eastern part of Al Kharid is the duel arena. A place where any OSRS player can earn a good amount of gold by simply being a great warrior. It’s also a good way to spend your free time in Gielinor.

Whether you’re looking for those or simply a way to boost your ego, the duel arena serves as a safe haven for those who aspire to be the best among other RS players.

Fights are not affected by how many potions, sharks, or food you bring to survive a fight, but on how good your weapons are and how good you are in using them.

Best OSRS Items For Staking In The Duel Arena

The Dragon Dagger an all-time favorite in this arena is often used by PKers who wants to deal their opponents the highest constant burst damage. You can quickly half your opponents health with 3 to 4 attacks using this dagger.

Abyssal Whip is another great weapon to bring to battle with its relatively high strength bonuses and its high accuracy. It’s one of the better weapons to use if you want to consistently deal mid to high damage to those players you face in battle.

The Granite Maul is another PKer’s weapon of choice to unleash quick powerful attacks to their opponents. Favored because of its high strength bonus among mid-tier weapons and the execution potential when dealing damage to low health players.

Armadyl Godsword is a PK weapon built to execute and deal powerful attacks with it’s special full use of high single attack damage. It’s a great top-tier two handed weapon that possess immense strength bonuses. This weapon can deal a hit in the high 70s per special attack.

Final Thoughts About These OSRS Staking Weapons

While each weapon offers slightly different pros and cons. There are “accurate” attack stance that provides you with relatively low damage attacks that have a much higher chance to hit your opponent rather than miss.

The “strength” attack generally misses a lot of attacks, but when it does hit, usually it hits high and deals your opponent with a good amount of damage. This is the stance where you’ll be hitting most of your max hits.

The “defensive” stance is pretty straightforward, providing you with an improved chance of reducing enemy damage, but suffering a vastly decreased damage output in both hit potential and accuracy. This stance is highly avoided in PK since the damage reduction outweighs the defence boost that you get.

There is another stance that is called “piercing.” This is a combination of the other stances but is mainly used as the differentiator between crushing and stabbing attacks which are effective against chainmail and plate body equipped opponents.