Hot Runescape Activity In Thanksgiving Day

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Hot Runescape Activity In Thanksgiving Day

For Thanksgiving Day, Runescape official company released a new holiday celebration version. A large number of players enjoy this activity where they all need to collect 20 turkeys to help Lumbridge’s brother get clues.

Every turkey gives out a clue information to support you to continue the game easier!

To our surprise, players who reach the top will get more medals this year. We guessed that RuneScape should be held to a higher standard year by year.

Let’s talk something about the holiday prize, the Sennheiser gaming headset is the one that fascinated me.

It’s a pity if you don’t join the forum and miss the chance. Many daily competitions offered a great chance to get some awards, such as RuneScape gold, RuneScape items, and so on.

December is the month make us crazy and busy,not only runescape game is the only place you can get the award, but also Facebook is another way for you to get rewards. Like the RuneScape official page and share the page, a surprise is waiting for you, so what are you waiting for?

Join this RuneScape Thanksgiving party!