OSRS Mining Guide For Beginners

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osrs mining guide

OSRS Mining Guide For Beginners

OSRS Mining can be a worthy skill to master if you plan on earning as much gold as you can.

Depending on your level, you should get some starting mining experience from quests (Dorics quest, The Giant Dwarf, Plague city – all have no mining requirements for you to do).

Get to at least mining level 41 (using whatever method you prefer, shouldn’t take too long for you to reach that), then starting using a rune pick. After that, you can begin power mining iron at any 3 rock area to quickly level up your mining skill.

Once you get to about mining level 55, you should head over to Motherload Mine as this will give you the most widespread resources as well as nuggets for the Prospector Kit (required for Fally Hard Diary) and gem bag (useful for slayer and gem mining).

Next, you have to continue doing this until you get tired of it (word of warning, it’s time-consuming and boring but mining is like that no matter which method you choose).

Once you get to level 60 mining, you can use the 3 rock spot in the Mining Guild and bank your iron (faster than dropping it all) and then use it later on for smithing.

You’ll also get unidentified minerals that are needed for the mining gloves (which aren’t that great but still useful for your RuneScape journey).

Other than that, Sandstone mining will help in getting you buckets of sand for crafting later on (requires 50 RS GP per bucket of sand) and it can earn you a pretty decent mining experience.

There are also gemstone rocks in Shilo village but this isn’t really a viable option if you’re just starting in RuneScape. You want Karamja Hard Diary done to access the underground area as it’s pretty competitive above ground.

Also worth mentioning, you can try doing granite mining which I think is the best way to gain experience but is super click intensive. But this requires high-tier OSRS items.

And then there’s also the Blast Mine which can get you a good amount of mining experience as well.

There are plenty of options to level up your OSRS mining skill. It really just depends what resources you’re after and your preferred method of doing so.